Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 • What is the cost/ registration fee for IELTS? Cost/ Registeration fee for IELTS varies from AEO and British Council. Both bodies charge differently for IELTS test registration. Cost/ fee also depend on which IELTS you are registering for. 

• How do I Register for IELTS? You can register through us after taking our IELTS prep course. 

• Is there a difference between AEO IELTS and British Council IELTS? There is no difference between AEO IELTS and British Council IELTS. Both conduct the same IELTS test. 

• How many times in a year is the IELTS exam held? Many times. Actually IELTS exams is held 6 to seven times a month 

• How many times can I take the IELTS? For as many times as you want, till you get your desired band

 • What is the validity of IELTS certificate (CERF) Two years. 

• How soon do I get my score? Results are delivered to the candidate within 15 days of the test. 

• Which university accepts IELTS? More than 90,000 organisations around the world accept IELTS including all major universities. Please contact our IELTS consultant to get customised information about the university you are applying for 

• How can I get my desired score? Practise is the key. Our expert IELTS tutors share their years of experience of teaching IELTS with you ensuring you get your desired band